"Give a person a fish & you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish & you feed them for a lifetime"


Little Heroes' Dream, Engineering Good and Base Builds Bahay are collaborating to create a sustainable eco-project for the future of the children and community in Bohol!

  • Build a new children's home for 50 children on a new site that is less susceptible to natural disasters

  • Build a portfolio of commercial establishments - private school, ECO hotel, restaurant, organic farm, and tourist shops

  • Build up the necessary capabilities to empower the community to run the commercial establishments successfully

  • The profits generated by the commercial establishments will in turn fund the children's home 

Being a sustainable eco-project means that the donations towards funding the cost of the project (estimated to be US$ 500k would create a lasting impact.   Instead of spending US$ 500k that will impact 50 children over the next 12 years, we want to make an impact to 400 children in need over the next 50 years and improve the overall Bohol community.


  • Phase 1 (2017): Secure Funding, Land Purchase, Architectural Design, Construction Planning, GROUND BREAKING!

  • Phase 2 (2018): Complete construction of all main facilities; Capability Building Phase 1 for Children's Home (15 children), school (100 students) & first commercial establishment

  • Phase 3 (2019): Capability building Phase 2 for Children's Home (25 children), school (200 children) & 2nd commercial establishment

  • Phase 4 (2020): Capability building Phase 3 for Children's Home (50 children), school (400 children) & 3rd/4th commercial establishment

  • Phase 5 (2021): Transition of all operations to local teams in Bohol with continued oversight from Little Heroes' Dreams


5 Page Project Proposal

Full Project Proposal

Project Presentation


  • Cash Donations (Philippine tax deductions can be issued)

  • Skill based volunteers

  • In Kind Donations

    • Construction Materials​

    • Architectural finishing

    • Plumbing & electrical materials

    • Bathrooms fixtures

    • Sustainable technology

    • Furniture & appliances

    • Security system (CCTV)

    • etc.


Full list of materials can be found here.


  • March 2018 - Singapore - Fundraiser

  • May 2018 - Bohol - VolunTourism event

There are MANY ways YOU can HELP - donate, volunteer or help us spread the words! We THANK YOU in advance!

Give.Asia crowdfunding campaign

Ground-breaking event on 12 November in Bohol

Volunteer Application Form


Volunteer Vacancies (view PDF)

Project PAG-ASA 

Project Manager

Project Administrator

Funding Team Lead

Fundraising Managers

Capability Planner/Designers