Christian is passionate about making a difference in this world and helping others to improve their own situations. This credo led Christian into his first consulting role 15 years back. Since then Christian has held various leadership positions in the consulting and finance industry and has worked internationally with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Currently the General Manager of Singapore based Social Enterprise Big Heroes Limited, he puts in a lot of energy outside of his work for charitable causes, which sometimes sees him in the middle of a slum in Manila, building schools and homes for a local orphanage. 



As communications manager for VOPAK Asia and the founder of Project BookMATTERS, a charity book drive initiative, Alexis believes in the power of books to change lives and eradicate illiteracy. This belief led her to start Project BookMATTERS. Since then underprivileged children and young women in South East Asia have benefitted from the donated books, encyclopedia and dictionaries. For Alexis, enabling social change keeps her motivated everyday and every small step is a big stride to making the world a better place. In her professional experience, she loves working with people to drive communications and corporate social responsibility initiatives that create positive impact and happiness. 



Kirsten is working in a not for profit marketing role with one of the international Schools in Singapore, the German European School Singapore. She understands the importance of a good education very well and would like to enable better education and living conditions for children in need. Before working in Marketing she was working in IT process management and general management in two big IT companies in Germany and Singapore. As the committee head she is looking forward to coordinating the different charity initiatives of Little Hero's Dreams.



Ingo likes to contribute to the sustainable development of small organizations with audacious goals where he can make a difference. This is why he joined a small company 15 years ago, where he became partner and general manager of different entities in Germany and Singapore. Ingo is excited to be part of Little Heroes' Dreams where he can use his experience for a good cause. He was born in Japan, studied physics in Germany and did his dissertation in mechanical engineering before realizing that his real passion is about people, cultures and organizations. 



U-Yun has more than fifteen years of experience in the business strategy consulting, investment management, and finance industries, of which the last twelve years were in various senior management and regional positions. He is currently the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Lucanna Pte Ltd, a boutique auction house and online art gallery with an innovative incubator program to help mentor and develop the careers for emerging and undiscovered artists in Singapore and abroad. He serves as a regular volunteer and mentor with a local non-profit The Society of The Father & The Son, a centre that provides development programmes and care-giving to challenged young children and teenagers in Singapore. 



Robert Vogtle resides in Singapore and is the Chief Financial Officer for Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific. Rob is a member of the Deutsche Bank Group Finance Executive Committee and the Asia Pacific Regional Executive Committee. In addition, Rob is the Executive Business Sponsor for dbPride APAC - Deutsche Bank's LGBT network. Rob believes that higher education is a key to obtaining employment in this competitive world. Rob volunteers as a Director with AkarakA - an International Charity that enables underprivileged students to get a college or post secondary education. Through financial support and mentoring, 'Friends of AkarakA' have enabled more that 500 years of education and are currently supporting over 200 students to complete tertiary education.



Billy is founder of IMMAGINI GALLERY, a photographic gallery and laboratory that specialises in archival quality Fine Art Black-and-White analogue photography and printing. Billy started his career in the late 1970s as an art director in an international advertising company. He then left to study photography, graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in the US, and then a major in black and white photography. In 1989, he earned a Masters in Fine Art Photography from UK Royal Academy of Fine Art, majoring in fine art photography and photography development. With Immagini, Billy is once again making good use of his skill and craftsmanship as a black and white developer and printer, servicing an international clientele. The first solo photography exhibition in Singapore was in 1990 with The Substation, followed by exhibitions in LA/USA, HongKong and Taiwan in the mid 90s to the year 2000. Currently, Billy has been selected to be one of the Singapore photographers to work with YELLOW KORNER, and has been invited to participate to exhibit at Bussan-Korea 2014 Art Fair, the only Photographer in the Singapore Pavilion.



Michele is the Singapore Public and Government Affairs Manager ExxonMobil Asia-Pacific.


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