Little Heroes’ Dreams is a Singapore-based not-for-profit organisation set up to foster sustainable development of orphanages, children homes, communities and other organisations caring for underprivileged children in Singapore and Southeast Asia, by developing capabilities empowering these organisation to provide the best care and support for these children.


A group of us, sharing the passion of helping underprivileged children, formed Little Heroes’ Dreams in early 2015. Prior Little Heroes’ Dreams, all of us were working in our own ways to make changes to our community. However, it was not easy for us as individuals to make long term meaningful impact to the kids in need. To go far in making changes, the few of us decided to join hands to consolidate our resources and efforts so we can help change lives for the disadvantaged children.


Our guiding principle is to find a way to help our beneficiaries become professional and self-sufficient, in order to care for these children long term.



To help underprivileged children living in Southeast Asia to realise their dreams, ensuring shelter and protection, healthcare and good education. 



Love of Humanity
Philanthropy etymologically means "love of humanity" in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing "what it is to be human" on both the benefactors' (by identifying and exercising their values in giving and volunteering) and beneficiaries' (by benefiting) parts. At Little Heroes' Dreams we are driven by this love for humanity and are passionate about changing the lives of other people for better.



We are committed in our mission to focus on the needs of our beneficiaries, using resources efficiently and effectively, and to reflect on and continually improving our work.

We believe in providing transparency to our donors and supporters so they know that their contribution goes towards the cause they had intended. We openly publicise our financial records and are audited by external accredited auditors. We invite donors and supporters to volunteer during our events to get to know the people involved in Little Heroes’ Dreams personally and to visit our beneficiary organisation to see the impact our work has.

We undertake great responsibility in doing the work we do and are accountable for the decisions we make. Each of our members is making a commitment to our organisation, our beneficiaries, and our donors and supporters to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences or their work.




Little Heroes' Dreams is governed by a Board consisting of four directors and one independent advisor, who is holding the vice chair on the Board. The Board Members of Little Heroes' Dreams are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation and deciding on the distribution of funds to the beneficiaries Little Heroes' Dreams supports.

The directors of Little Heroes' Dreams are responsible for the overall management of the organisation and are responsible under statutory duties, fiduciary duties, and duty of skill, care and diligence. An extended Management Board and its Members are responsible for the management and execution of the various programs under Little Heroes' Dreams. 

An advisory panel is supporting our leadership team in ensuring that our programmes and services meet the requirements of our beneficiaries and are effective in achieving their goals.


Board independence and board attention are of paramount importance to Little Heroes' Dreams. The governing body of Little Heroes' Dreams is made up entirely of people in a position to govern it—setting the strategic direction of the organisation and overseeing the management’s execution. Our governing board is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Formulate key corporate policies and strategic goals, focusing both on near-term and longer-term challenges and opportunities.

  • Authorise major transactions or other actions.

  • Oversee matters critical to the health of the organisation— not decisions or approvals about specific matters, which is management’s role—but instead those involving fundamental matters such as the viability of its business model, the integrity of its internal systems and controls, and the accuracy of its financial statements.

  • Evaluate and help manage risk.

  • Steward the resources of the organisation for the longer run, not just by carefully reviewing annual budgets and evaluating operations but also by encouraging foresight through several budget cycles, considering investments in light of future evolution, and planning for future capital needs.


All financial records of Little Heroes’ Dreams are accessible to donors and supporters.