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The beneficiaries that we aim to impact are marginalised children such as orphaned, abandoned and neglected children and youth. In Asia alone there are an estimated number of over 60 Million children in need. Our aim is to enable dreams of thousands of children in need.


In order to reach thousands of children and youth, we are deploying our resources (financial, human, intellectual) with selected beneficiary organisations such as children homes, orphanages and youth centres to maximise our reach and impact.


We believe by investing in these organisations and building up key capabilities will enable them to provide the best care and support for children in need. Thus, we can have the biggest and most sustainable impact on thousands of children. Find out more on how we help.




Nia is 20 years old. Nia is an orphan. She was 4 years old when her father died. After the death of her father, her mother completely abandoned her. She lives in a Home in Batam (Indonesia) that is supported by Little Heroes’ Dreams and studies to become a nurse. She also helps out with the younger girls at the home and is developing into a responsible and devoted young adult.


Nia, First Year Nursery Student, Indonesia: 

‘Little Heroes’ Dreams allows me to pursue my dream to become a qualified medical professional and operate my own clinic in the future. With the money I will make then I can support some of my sisters at the home to pursue their dreams.’



Read through our annual yearbook to get to know the various beneficiary organisations we support.





Besides the necessary due diligence process to uncover any form of  fraud and chicanery such as money laundering, funding of terrorist groups, or tax evasion, we deploy a very stringent process to ensure that the organisations we support are truly acting in the best interest of the children, and are capable of being transformed into professional organisations. 


Our Due Diligence Process

During the Initial Profiling we assess if the organisation fits into the standard profile of organisations that Little Heroes' Dreams supports. One of the major factors is the individuals who are running the operation and if we believe that they will be committed to go jointly go through this journey.

Part of our standard profiling are:


  • Profile of beneficiaries (children and youth)

  • Mission of the organisation and their approach to impact these children

  • Individuals running the organisation, past performance and future plans

  • Major stakeholders and donors of the organisation

  • Community, environment and the need for the service of this organisation


Comprehensive background checks on the organisation, stakeholders, and financials are performed to minimize the risk of any negative exposure to our organisation and supporters.


If the organisation fits into the standard profile and all background checks were positive, we continue with a Detailed Evaluation process. During this process we conduct:


  • Site visits (minimum two)

  • Comprehensive risk assessment

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Detailed account reviews


During this evaluation period there is no commitment of funds to the organisation and the direct support is limited to knowledge transfer only. Before we deploy financial resources from our supporters we want to make sure that we can trust the beneficiary organisation and be confident that they will be successful in working with us.


As part of our ongoing due diligence process on the deployment of funds, we are performing regular Implementation Monitoring and provide our donors and supporters with a status and performance update on the projects that they support. Beside checking all financial receipts and accounts, our coordinators are evaluating how well capabilities are implemented and what the actual impact on the children is. These are important figures to help us to continuously improve our service to beneficiary organisations and finally to the thousands of children we want to impact.

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