Pastor Joel Santos, founder of Precious Heritage Children’s Home: 

‘Without the support of Little Heroes’ Dreams we would still be struggling to survive every day. Now I am very confident about the future of our kids and that they will have all possibilities for a good life. The school has given us the income we need to stop worrying and focus on the development of our kids’.

It’s simple! We need funds to make dreams come true. No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference for children in need.

Join one of our huddle session to get to know our team and learn about the high impact opportunities we offer for volunteers or become an ambassador. 

To help underprivileged children living in Southeast Asia to realise their dreams, ensuring shelter and protection, healthcare and good education. Find out why, who, and how we help.

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​Privacy Protection: 

In order to protect the privacy of our beneficiaries and the children they care for, we refrain from publishing personal pictures or information on our website and social media pages where in the best interest of the children. Our volunteers who engage with our beneficiaries are briefed on our privacy protection, and our team is monitoring social media accounts regularly.

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